Saturday, April 12, 2008

Kevin Costner < Uncle Jesse

i was at the st catharines skatepark today about to drop into a ramp when i heard a bunch of screaming from behind me. i look behind me and there's 6 teenage girls running away from an angry flying canadian goose. one of the girls splits away from the group, screaming, when the goose follows her jumps on her back and she whipes out on the ground. just when it looks like the goose is about to get gnar on her, this minivan comes ripping around the corner honking and going nuts. this old guy gets out and begins yelling at the goose, but stopped when the goose flew at him and he ran back in his van with the girl who was knocked down. the old guy throws it reverse, bringing the girl to the doors of the arena she left from, where she ran thruogh the doors screaming even though the goose was nowhere near her. everyone was watching from the skatepark, dying laughing. just when we thought it was over, it was far from it. the old guy tries to run over the goose, but having no luck, he decided to go near the goose and rev the engine at it. this is the point where i completely lost it and fell to the ground laughing. the goose casually walked away back to his spot and waited for more people to gnar. as ice cube once said, 'it was a good day'.

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