Wednesday, June 25, 2008


June 25, 2008

TORONTO (CMARM) - Russia's emo rock band Roulette is upset after it was announced today that they were not going to be included in the official line-up at this summer's second annual Rogers Picnic Music Festival in Toronto, Canada.

Roulette's lead singer, Nikolay "Nikki" Minkov who, after almost a decade, still refuses to speak to the press or the rest of the band, deferred comment, via text message, on the situation to Roulette's bassist, Alexey Belov.

Belov complained, "I don't understand why. Is this personal or politics? I don't think that anyone on that continent can afford to ignore our following or our music. We love America, especially Toronto - nice style, nice women but it doesn't matter - Roulette doesn't need Rogers Picnic, Rogers Picnic needs Roulette."

When reached for response regarding their line-up decision, Rogers Picnic organizers and promoters declined comment.

Rogers Picnic is a one day, outdoor music festival being held Sunday July 20th this summer at Toronto's Historic Fort York. Confirmed artist include City and Colour, Cat Power, Animal Collective, Tokyo Police Club, Born Ruffians, The Carps, Chromeo, Vampire Weekend, and Dizzee Rascal. Rogers Picnic event details and ticket information can be found online at

Fluent in LOL Cat

pretty much the problem with friends/girlfriends is that they always have to tell you it's not a good idea just when you're about to get overly awesome...then this came into my life:

so besides the video being blatantly homo-erotic it looks something like this

it's somewhat like a magic 8 ball, only it always tells you it's a good idea.
i documented my first week with it

day 1: get the gadget, not too sure what is going on. begin drinking. technically i'm not alone because i'm interrogating the gadget the whole time. i ask it if i should keep drinking, it replies with gladtastic...i'm pretty sure that this is a yes. this goes on for hours.

day 2: i wake up at sunrise in my neighbors garden who is yelling at me in japanese. i ask the gadget how it's doing and it replies wondergreat. i feel the opposite.

to be continued!