Friday, April 4, 2008

Grab That Gun

my house is haunted, it sucks. it's super old and creepy and in the middle of kensington market. there's a bricked off room and some old coal room that smells like a shania twain concert. we've had a ton of problems with the ghosts attacking people, flipping over chairs, breaking stuff, dressing up like keanu reeves and touching my butt in the middle of the night, and slamming doors. previous owners have talked about them as well and say it's the owners who lived in the house since the beginning who passed away and don't like others living here. instead of trying to get rid of them, i decided i'd get even. how? well, clearing out the shed and cutting it apart to make a half pipe is a start. i dedicate these next pics to the ghosts.

here is whiskey with a back smith. notice the lens flare, which i suspect is a pissed off ghost.

frontside 5-0. im also kind of transparent in this, but it's because ghosts are trying to distract me from landing this. i landed it and threw up a westside gang gesture...for west of college st. cred.

all on tape too just in case the ghosts think that we made this on photoshop. go look, it's there.
ghosts: 5
pat + noisy/drunken/obnoxious mini ramp: like... 10,000.

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