Monday, March 3, 2008

You Are The Quarry

Things that are awesome:
-a t rex driving a fighter jet
-that new rambo movie
-redline (i'll get back to this later)
-spin kicking a vampire through a 50 story window

Things that are not awesome:
-the flu
-being stuck in bed for 5 days
-coughing like a dinosaur

I've been sick for a week straight and I'm sorry for the lack of posts last week. I will make up for it throughout the week.

Now, back to red line.
I for one, chase the energy drink dragon. I rarely sleep and I talk a lot, so energy drinks are a must for me. Here are some experiments I have conducted:

It's seriously too small. For the same price I can get an australian beer can sized energy drink that's more potent. red bulls good if you like wasting money and only need a bit of energy. also ryan shekler drinks it, which no longer makes it legit. see life of ryan for examples why.

BOOKOO: 2.5/5
It's 3 energy drinks in one and tastes terrible. It works alright, but tastes like crappy cough medicine.

Probably the best common and easy to find energy drink. twice maybe even three times bigger then red bull and keeps you up. rumor has it if you drink enough you can see into the future. kevin costner told me that.

holy mother of god. zero carbs and everything. i drank one and 20 minutes later i was sweating and shaking and stuff. i'm still wired off of it and it's been like 3 hours. i might actually become a red line junkie. if you can find it, buy it. and if red line happens to come across this blog and wants to send me a crate or twenty, by all means. sign me up. i need to race kevin costner to the future before it's too late.

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