Friday, March 14, 2008

Tight Pants, Wide Stance

so i think i'm going to start my own skateboard company...shirts, boards, stickers, etc. other ideas i have for product:
-bibs. so if you're eating ribs and skating you won't look like a drunk.
-bbq tongs. if you're going to live by the 4 b's (boards,bbqs,beer,and bitches) then this is a necessity.
-a board with gary busey on it. eroticism.
-beer coseys. self explanatory.
-pogs. due to make a comeback.
-lasers. for those times you need a laser.
-temporary tattoos. just pretty much tribal for your lower back (aka the tramp stamp).
-calendar. 12 months of greased of photos from team members.
-rap album. people like rap.
-our own video game. pretty much you get drunk and go skate and when a kid asks you for a sticker you throw a lawn chair or an empty bottle at them.
-wind resistant lawn chairs. to throw at kids when they ask you for a sticker.
-dan arget lip gloss. he makes out with a ton of dudes and so can you.

more updates on the company in the making soon.

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