Thursday, August 14, 2008


yeah, i'm back. the usual i'm hungover, half awake, and feel like giving a dozen people stone cold stunners.

that should be me if i wasn't so lazy.

so new stuff...
i was introduced to the world's most awesome band. go ahead and argue that after this

thats their slower song...but i think people are into that because it's summer. and summer means sissy. anyways, check them out at

i went to the bar last night and got awesome in the name of rattler by making my own drink with my friend calum and his brother al (which has his own amazing blog: ) it is called The Murloney and this is how it is done:
-get a jack and coke
-no ice
-fill it 3 quarters
-shot of jager
-drop that shot in and pound back the whole glass
-realize you have just become a man
-find out your friends are all nailing your ex gf
-ironically see that girl at the bar
-do a murloney infront of her
-deny her when she tries to make out with you
-do another murloney
-frighten everyone around you at the bar with your rowdyness and incredible dance moves
-do another murloney
-walk home and hit 7-11 for a pita and a slurpee
-wake up in the morning in different clothes you passed out in and figure out what happened one step at a time

i'm not sure if you wanna go past the 4th or 5th step but that's how i did it and it's the proper way.

it's going to be a very long day.

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