Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Fluent in LOL Cat

pretty much the problem with friends/girlfriends is that they always have to tell you it's not a good idea just when you're about to get overly awesome...then this came into my life:

so besides the video being blatantly homo-erotic it looks something like this

it's somewhat like a magic 8 ball, only it always tells you it's a good idea.
i documented my first week with it

day 1: get the gadget, not too sure what is going on. begin drinking. technically i'm not alone because i'm interrogating the gadget the whole time. i ask it if i should keep drinking, it replies with gladtastic...i'm pretty sure that this is a yes. this goes on for hours.

day 2: i wake up at sunrise in my neighbors garden who is yelling at me in japanese. i ask the gadget how it's doing and it replies wondergreat. i feel the opposite.

to be continued!

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